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Who is Distinctly Clean?

Distinctly Clean "The Clean You Expect"

Distinctly Clean was founded in 2010 with the belief that we could bring a more distinctive clean to the carpet cleaning industry. Currently, JT Thompson manages and operates Distinctly Clean. He has been a team member since 2014. He is know for his quality of work and the attention to detail that he provides for every customer!

Some of our newest additions are two new vans to the lineup. One, a custom-built cleaning system that has been designed to be used for our exterior cleaning, and the other housing the Omega 590 Powerhouse, custom built with the customer in mind. We now can provide hotter water to the tools needed with more suction that will remove even more moisture from your carpet than ever before.

Distinctly Clean does more than just carpet and hard surface cleaning. For the past five years, we have been installing and maintaining topical and penetrating coatings for various surfaces such as tile & grout, and concrete. Indoors, we offer tile and grout coatings that consist of a urethane top coating that is more durable and non-yellowing compared to wax and other topical coatings while offering a penetrating sealer for tile and grout that will not change the look of your existing floor like a topical sealer would. Outdoors, we provide cleaning services to all aggregate, concrete, and masonry surfaces, as well as providing top of the line topical and penetrating coatings for your driveway, sidewalk, and patio areas. If you are interested to see the results of our detail cleaning and coating services, visit our Facebook page or contact JT at 309-212-5576.

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